Waving hello Hello Mums, Dads, Nanas Grandads and other carers. This page is especially for you!


Keeping in touch

Face to Face

Most of our communication happens every day when you pick up your child. If there is anything to note of concern or special interest we will let you know when you pick up your child, but we'll also let you know about the small things too.  Please allow at least 5 minutes when picking up your child for a chat on how the day has been.


We use Tapestry for formally recording your child's development. We will set you up with a secure login.  We encourage all parents to register to monitor their child's progress.  Working together we can help your child develop in harmony! Once you have your log-in you should be able to access your page here.


For just day to day photos of what we've been up to together with some notices and information we used a closed Facebook group. We will talk with you about this when you come to visit.


Feedback and Other Comments

We periodically like to ask Parents for feedback (approximately once a year) just to check we are doing ok and whether there is anything anyway we can improve. You can download our questionnaire from here.



If you have any worries or complaints, we would hope that you feel you could speak with us.  In fact we would hope that you never have any complaints!  However if you do, you can find or complaints policy here.  If the complaint is of a serious nature are a registered provide you can contact Ofsted directly who will investigate it if appropriate. You can contact Ofsted by phone on 0300 123 1231 or online here.