Welcome to Doms Childminding

Welcome to Dom's Childminding a place, we hope of security, fun and learning for pre-school children aged 1 to 5.  As a registered childminder (and a qualified pre-school teacher in Poland) I believe strongly in creating a safe nurturing environment where children grown and learn together in a same home-like environment with a small number of other pre-school aged children.

My name is Dabrowka or Dom for short. I am an Ofsted registered childminder and, together with my small team, providing home-based childcare from our bungalow in Acomb bordering Holgate in the West part York.

I seek to provide a supportive, yet stimulating environment for your child, so that they may play, grow and develop with confidence in a small family environment. Working four days a week between 8 AM and 6 PM I specialise in providing care for children in early years.  I seek to provide a rich multicultural and multilingual environment in which children grow to learn to value each other in all their beautiful uniqueness.

 On my website, I've tried to provide you with as much useful information as I can think of. Some of the site is really just an access point for parents of children I currently care for.  I you are interested in reserving a place, the best thing to do is to come for a visit and a chat.  Ideally, I like to plan about 6 months ahead. If you would like any specific information (or think of something I could usefully share on this site) please feel free to contact me.



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